Welcome to the shit show!

Okay okay,

It’s not THAT much of a shit show, but let’s get real, all the “perfection” we see on social media is never what life is truly like behind the scenes. First, let me introduce myself, I’m Erin. An almost 32 year old sassy, free spirited, yet neurotic, sassy, hot mess of a single mom to two little dudes, Maddox, 7, and Paxton,6.

I’ve been doing this single mom thing for 4 years now. The boys were 2 and 3 when their dad and I got divorced and he’s mostly lived long distance since we split, so I do it all with them. Maddox is a total free spirit. He’s spunky, creative, compassionate, loves skateboarding and animals. Paxton is a comedian, overachiever, athletic, handsome dancing machine. Raising two strong willed, full of farts, crazy boys, can be a mess. That’s where the shit show comes in 😉

I have a lot to say, big opinions, lots of adventures, and lots to share.

So I hope you follow the boys and I on this journey of life!

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