We Love Chewigem

So, I’m probably a tad bit abnormally excited about this post! This product, has become such an essential part of Maddox’s life though. A complete life saver for us.

Quick back story, and I talked a bit in my Sensory Super Powers Post, about Sensory Processing Disorder, what it is, and how it can effect kids/adults. So if you haven’t read it yet, please do! I also talked about how Maddox is a big chewer in that post.

So with sensory processing disorder, you can be an oral sensory seeker or avoider. In Maddox’s case, he’s a little bit of both! He is a super super picky eater, hates textures of pretty much everything. At the same he is a huge oral sensory seeker. So he bites things, likes to chew on things, always doing something with his mouth.

I think I started noticing it at a very young age but honestly didn’t think anything of it. He chewed through every pacifier, every bottle nipple, and the rubber sippy cup tops. He was my first child, so honestly I just assumed that was normal. Then they’re teething so it all seems like the norm!

Well 7 years later, and chewing is still a major part of his life. He will chew his clothes, his arms, fingers, and his hair. For him it’s boredom, sensory seeking, sensory overload, anxiety, and concentration. Chewing helps him concentrate and keeps his mind busy. So I obviously didn’t want my child chewing on his fingers, and getting germs, chewing his hair ( which smelled like shit), or chewing his clothing. So I googled, and TADAAAA… there’s Chewy Necklaces. Absolute LIFESAVERS.

Seriously, I couldn’t be more excited about a company, and a product if I tried!!! There’s not only chewy necklaces, but chewy bracelets, fidgets, and more.

Chewigem was amazing enough to send Maddox this Chewigem discovery box, and it’s the absolute coolest thing ever. Seeing your child’s face light up over receiving this box, and all the items in it, was absolutely heart warming.

You can buy each item individually, or you can purchase their Sensory box and join a 30 day sensory discovery program. Which I personally think is amazing, because it helps your child or yourself change your habits. It’s a transition to change from chewing on what you’re “used to” as opposed to your new chewelry which is a much safer habit. In this box, comes 4-6 hand picked sensory aids, a 30 day success program diary, and you’re able to join their community for help and support.

I am a huge sucker for packaging, and everything about this box was perfect! I mean how cute!?

In Maddox’s box he received the Tread Bangle, Wave bangle, Hexichew, Button necklace, Skull necklace, and a chewipal strap. If you’re new to this, trying to figure out exactly what suits your child best, then I highly suggest getting the box. It’s all so different, so appealing aesthetically as well, and can really help your child figure out exactly what’s best for them. On their site, on each item they also give you the level of durability, flexibility, and firmness. So it really helps when choosing a product based on how moderate to severe of a chewer you have.

The Tread Bangle and Wave bangle 🙂

Maddox REALLY loved the Hexichew! He can chew it or play with it as a fidget which he thought was awesome.

So we own a few of the Skull necklaces already, and he received another which he was SO excited about, but he has actually been wearing the Button necklace since his package arrived. It feels different than the skull necklace. It’s a bit harder material and a different texture, which he’s really loving.

These products have literally gotten him through the school year. If it wasn’t for Chewy necklaces, he would have torn up clothes, arms, and would still have yucky hair! Since we started using necklaces, all that has gone away, and he’s formed the habit of knowing if he feels the urge to chew he has his Chewelry.

I really hope this post was informative, and also showed you just how happy something so little can make your child. I couldn’t thank Chewigem enough for making these products, and helping the world unlock their sensory seeking powers!

To check out these items I urge you to go to

Chewigem UK

Chewigem USA

Also check out their Facebook


And Instagram


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  1. Enjoy the way your mind works. You have “attitude”and woman power while at the same time you are obviously a very loving Mom. I admire you and congratulate you. !!


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