Tigertail beach 🏝

I’ve been going to Naples and Marco Island since I was a wee one! Every year multiple times a year my parents would take us for weekend getaways. When my kids were born those getaways continued.

Recently my mom said she read about a beach called Tiger Tail beach in Marco Island. All the years, and we have never been to tiger tail! So we knew we had to go. I googled of course, and was reading how they have some of the most beautiful shells, horseshoe crabs, and sand dollars. I remember when I was little, my brother and I would collect all the sand dollars. What I also read, was you have to cross over through a lagoon to get there. That most definitely made me nervous! How long of a walk!? What’s swimming there!? What will sting me!? πŸ˜‚

So we decided to plan a day trip, and let me tell you it was so worth it. It’s tucked away behind a neighborhood, but once you pull in, you’re in a different world.

This is the “lagoon” you have to cross through to get to the beach. You can walk AROUND the beach but I think they said it takes 20 minutes. Plus this is more of an adventure! Definitely buy some water shoes if possible. Also due to the heavy amount of shells on the beach, if you’re not wearing shoes of some sort, it will definitely hurt!

Almost there! Just a short walk to the actual beach once you’re outta the lagoon..

So once we got to the beach, one of the first things we saw were these “shell trees” people hang shells with holes all over the branches.

Next we walked the entire Beach to find shells and in particular sand dollars! Just make sure if you collect sand dollars, that they are not living. It is ILLEGAL to take a living sand dollar. If you do see any living sand dollars that aren’t emerged in the water, gently go place them back into the ocean. Here’s a link to help you decipher dead from living sand dollars πŸ™‚

Is my sand dollar alive?

We found the most gorgeous shells, and a few sand dollars as well! On top of it Maddox absolutely adored the crabs and he found a little friend.

I also suggest, buying a netting type bag if possible because you will get TONS of shells.

So after some exploring, and sea shell hunting, we went back through the lagoon to the restaurant at the entrance of tigertail. Food was great, and afterwards we rented a little cabana at the front and relaxed. So well worth it.

If you get a chance I 100% recommend Tigertail Beach. Such a different feel from Fort Lauderdale’s beaches. It was an amazing experience, a relaxing experience, and I cannot wait to go back!

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