Kooshoo, save the ocean one hair tie at a time!

It’s the little things that add up, that we don’t think about often. Most people are continuously buying new hair ties because they just can’t find them. They are so easily lost and forgotten. No big deal right?

Actually it potentially IS a big deal and something we can so easily change with the help of Kooshoo.

Did you know your run-of-the-mill, synthetic hair ties take approximately  500 years to break down? Did you also know about 20,000 pounds of hair elastics or the equivalent weight of a city bus are dumped into our planet each day!?

Think about how many hair ties you’ve lost over time, have fallen out of your hair, and fallen right into the ocean! Unfortunately, I’m guilty. Until I came across a company called Kooshoo! I researched and read, and thought wow. How perfect. My son Maddox has some pretty luscious locks, and he likes to rock the man bun. He surfs and his life is the ocean! He’s also extremely environmentally aware, and is always trying to make a good impact in the world. Maddox also has some sensory issues so his head is extremely sensitive, but I knew we had to try these hair ties out. When he got his Kooshoo hair ties in the mail he couldn’t wait to try them out, we got blonde and brown/black. They held his massive mane perfectly, and felt great as well. Absolutely zero complaints from him! He’s worn them surfing, and they hold his hair amazingly. They are plastic free and made from 100% biodegradable materials. So I know if he looses a hair tie in the ocean he won’t have to worry or feel horrible. All the little things we can do will one day really add up in our fight to save our oceans and our planet. You can always start somewhere 🙂

To order go to this link below 🙂


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