Our day at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is unlike most. It’s a working marine hospital, as well as home to some big movie stars, Winter, Hope, and others!

You’ll see a number of rescued animals currently undergoing rehabilitation in their marine animal hospital, most of which are sea turtles. They believe in rescue, rehab, and release. Which means they rescue injured, or stranded animals, they rehab them, and hopefully eventually get to release them. Of course in situations, releasing animals isn’t always what’s best for that animal. So all the animals you see at Clearwater aquarium that are permanent residents, weren’t able to be released. So they’re livin’ the life at CMA!

If you haven’t seen Dolphin Tales and Dolphin tales 2, I highly suggest it. It’s one of our all time favorite movies, and how we heard about CMA. Seriously a heart warming story, and I shed many many tears. Winter and Hope amongst other stars from the movie, still live there! Honestly gave me chills to see these amazing animals up close ☺️ Around the aquarium you’ll see real props, and where real scenes took place.

If you know my kids you know Maddox wants to be a marine biologist, and Paxton goes back and forth wanting to be a dolphin trainer or a surgeon. So being given the opportunity to see a facility like CMA is extremely inspiring to these young minds. Inspires them to keep their dreams alive, inspires them to help our oceans, our animals, and our planet.

To learn more please go Here!

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