The King and Prince Resort

( all opinions are my own )

If you’re looking for a quiet quaint beach town, to escape reality, and maybe all of 2020, then the King and Prince Resort on St. Simon’s Island is the place for you. The King and Prince was a beautiful dream. From the beautiful Georgia beach, to their three pools to choose from. You honestly cannot go wrong. Truthfully, I was super nervous to vacation during Covid. We have been quarantined since March, and with Covid still around, it was a nerve-wracking decision. Ultimately we decided a vacation was much needed, so what better place than the King and Prince!?

The King and Prince Resort opened as a hotel in July of 1941! During World War II, the hotel served as a naval coast-watching and training facility, reopening in 1947 as a resort. The King and Prince is the only Oceanside hotel on St.Simon’s island, making it a favorite for visitors. The history on St.Simon’s island is something to appreciate as well. From the World War II home front museum, to Fort Frederica, the history and things to do are endless.

When you walk in the main area to check in, you can already see all the precautions they have in place. From plexiglass, to placements on the floor to keep you 6 feet away from others, along with hand sanitizer basically everywhere you look! You also need to wear your mask inside, and in common areas. I honestly felt extremely safe, and at ease when I walked in.

Our room was stunning, overlooking the Atlantic ocean and all 3 pools. Yes 3 pools! Including a children’s pool and play area. I really liked how the room opened to an outdoor hallway instead of inside a building, so you really didn’t have to make contact with other people if you didn’t want to.

So another thing I really loved, was their contact-less menu. Their room service is still not available which is totally understandable. We still haven’t eaten inside restaurants yet ( crazy I know, but covid! ) , so I loved that their restaurant was doing no contact menu’s and ordering. You scan the bar code on a paper they give you, and the menu pops right up on your phone. Super convenient and easy! Then you pick up your order. Which is exactly what we decided was best for our family. Or you still have the option to dine at the hotel’s restaurant ECHO. Which is beautiful, overlooking the ocean.

While in St. Simons we went to their cute pier area, tons of restaurants, frozen yogurt, and sights to see. Their welcome center has all the information you need, and more. My kids LOVE history so we went to the World War II museum which was extremely interactive. The guides there were beyond sweet, and the boy’s learned so much. Along with it just being an absolute beautiful building! We also went to Fort Frederica which was a lot of fun. They have a little scavenger hunt, which keeps the kids busy, and learning all at once. So much history, and gorgeous nature.

There are Tree spirits all over the island, pick up a map at the welcome center and find them all!

So we are from South Florida where there is no shortage of beach, but it was so nice to be able to check out a Georgia beach… and WOW. Absolutely stunning! From the sunrise to the sunset, the smooth white sand. So much absolute beauty.

We truly had an amazing time. The King and Prince was so accommodating. The views were beautiful. It was paradise with a southern touch. There is no shortage of things to do, for adults and kids alike. In these unprecedented covid times, it’s nice to get out of the everyday “routine” we’ve all come to know. It was truly the perfect getaway. Thank you so much King and Prince!

All links will be at the bottom of this post to go check out more for yourself!

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