Shark Theme Bedroom 🦈

My boys have always shared a room, which meant double everything in one small space. The older they got, the more “stuff” they accumulated and the more congested their room felt. Maddox especially needs a space clear of distraction, he does occupational therapy etc, so he also needed a space he could be alone since it’s all virtual now. So the three of us decided it would be beneficial for Maddox and Paxton have their own rooms. Don’t let this fool you though, they still ask to sleep in my room or with each other in their rooms every single night!

So now that we knew they’d each have their own space, here’s where the fun begins! Room themes! Paxton has always loved the beach, ocean and marine life, especially sharks. So he decided on a shark themed bedroom. He chose one accent wall, and he also chose what color he wanted to paint his dresser. The color he chose for his wall is I believe Valspar Surf Spray, and for his dresser we used his old dresser and used chalk paint in a color called Deep Sea Diving.

We also had these old book shelves from IKEA that we also painted with Deep Sea Diving, and it’s my favorite part of the room! I put all of his ocean related books here.

IKEA book shelves

So for his bed I ordered a sand colored twin comforter, and bought two pillow covers for pillows we already had. We also used shark stuffed animals he’s had, as decor on his bed.

Comforter Darker pillow Lighter pillow

Since we repurposed a lot of what he already had, I had so much fun on the little details! I bought this super cute neon palm tree light for his nightstand and it’s another one of my favorite touches in the room!

Palm tree neon light!

One thing Paxton requested was a canvas photo of a shark above his bed. So that was his big statement piece! I do wish I ordered one a bit larger but we still love it. I also ordered 4 print outs of different sharks and put those above his bed as well. I chose a white washed wood frame for them, and it fit the photos and room so well!

Shark canvas

Shark print outs

Also added some little touches, like shark knobs on his closet doors and a little buoy above his closet. He has another shelf I didn’t take photos of, that is just a repurposed shelf also painted with chalk paint. I absolutely love being able to reuse things we already have and make them our own! It’s so easy, and saves you sooo much money.

You can choose from a ton of buoys all different sizes and colors on Amazon!
And honestly these little closet knobs are just the cutest things ever! Hobby lobby isn’t my favorite place, but my mom found these at hobby lobby!

And last but not least… our cats have a super special place in Paxton’s room! The tunnel and little shark tent is from 5 below, and their wall hammocks are from Amazon!

This space is so perfectly Paxton and I’m so happy with how it turned out! He’s so happy to have a room of his own, and a space to call his own. I really wanted something simple, clean, and something he’d love, and I think it turned out perfect! If you have any questions about the space, or items don’t hesitate to reach out.


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