Chewigem US launch!

Okay, so by now if you’ve been following me, you’ve seen me talk about Chewigem. Chewigem is something that completely transformed our lives. It’s something I whole heartedly believe in, and absolutely adore. If it wasn’t for Chewigem products my child would still be chewing his hair, clothing, fingers, arms and so on. This product truly transformed Maddox’s habit to the point where he will ask for chewlry before he has the chance to chew on anything else.

So when I heard Chewigem was launching subscription boxes in the US, I had to scream it to the world! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wanted to let everyone know! I want everyone to check it out! Maddox is just as excited!

So if you haven’t read my last blog ( <—- there it is, but if you don’t get a chance to read it let me tell you a little bit about Chewigem here.

Chewigem is a company that makes something called Chewlry, jewelry you can chew. Whether you have autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, adhd, stress, down to just having a habit of biting your nails. You can replace chewing on things you shouldn’t be chewing on, with chewing on a stylish chewable necklace, bracelet, fidget, etc. They’re pretty discreet that when Maddox is wearing his, usually people just ask “what’s that cool necklace!?”.

So let me tell you about each subscription! First there’s a Basic Membership. This is free. FREEEEE. You would go to HERE sign up, and register to become a huge part of the Chewigem community. You would be kept up to date with all news and content, and receive free shipping on every order.

The next membership is my favorite! It’s the paid membership. If you have a child or you yourself chew as much as Maddox this is SO beneficial! You pay $21.95 a month, and you get all the community benefits, you receive one Chewigem product a month of your choice which is such a great way to stock up, on top of 10% off any other Chewigem products you’d like to purchase. Oh and of course that freeeee shipping! You can also sign up for that right HERE!

( I absolutely adore their packaging and aesthetic, we keep our boxes to store all Maddox’s chewlry in)

So the great thing about these products is that they are all:

-made from latex free silicone

-lead, bpa, pvc, and phthalate free

-dishwasher safe

-suitable for ALL ages ( necklaces for 36 months +)

One of my favorite parts of Chewigem is how under each product online when you’re shopping, is a little “chart” to help you figure out what product would be the perfect fit. So it will tell you the durability, flexibility, and firmness. So you can figure out what’s best based on the type of chewer you have.

So I hope this informed you, helped you, and made your choice to shop Chewigem easier ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want to go shop just click this link Shop Chewigem and for 10% off use my code Sassy10

Chewigem is a community we adore. From the people we’ve worked with, friends we’ve made, customer service, etc, they are just a group and company full of amazing people.

Shop Chewigem

( shirt from @maddoxandowenco )

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