Sensory room must haves!

Years ago I wrote a blog about Maddox being diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when he was 4. Fast forward and he was diagnosed with autism & adhd at the age of 8. As a homeschool family, it’s so important to find outlets for his sensory needs. He’s almost 12, and I think we’ve found what truly works for him! I’d never speak on his diagnosis without his permission, but he really wanted me to share some things in his room, that just make sense 🙂

First and foremost, his absolute favorite, and what most definitely gets the most use! His mini trampoline. It provides vestibular and proprioceptive input, help with balance, coordination, and getting the wiggles out!

So Maddox loves to move! Whenever he’s in a chair he moves it around tilts it, it started to make me nervous because sometimes the chair would completely fall over. Then a friend told me about the wobble chair! It’s literally made… to wobble in! It can swivel, tilt, and wobble without tipping over. It’s also great for core strength! Definitely one of my favorite purchases.

So Maddox looooves his crash pad! He uses it to jump onto, read, rest, anything really! It provides calming sensory input, and it’s so comfy. Once in awhile Paxton even borrows it and falls asleep on it!

So this one is a no brainer- fidgets! All types! Maddox has a drawer full of fidgets, and he’s always using at least one. There are so many great benefits when it comes to fidgets. They help you self regulate, help your attention span, you can use them to stim, and so much more!

You can get fidgets literally anywhere at this point! Amazon has great bins of assorted fidgets that we love too. Fidget variety pack!

Okay so something that Maddox loves to have, is a calendar. He loves schedules and to know what’s coming next etc. Personally I think having a visual calendar helps with anxiety a lot! Routines and knowing what comes next is so beneficial for a positive day!

These are just a few examples of what we have in our home/Maddox’s room. I hope this can help someone! There are no difficult behaviors… there are needs being unmet. If one of these tools can help in the slightest, you’ll see such a positive impact!


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