Cyxus Glasses πŸ‘“

So when I decided to homeschool the boys this year I was beyond excited. I knew this year of homeschooling two boys, I would need some extra help. So using an online virtual school for some of their classes was the perfect option!

The thought of them having to sit on a computer for an extended amount of time definitely bothered me though. Not only because I limit screen time, but also because the thought of their little eyes becoming damaged due to TOO much screen time, because of blue light. To be honest I had no idea blue light glasses even existed. I was in my usual mama group text ( shout out to our group text Bat Shit Crazy Mommies πŸ˜‚) and my good friend Jessica mentioned blue light glasses.

I immediately started researching. I had no idea the blue light from computers, iPads, phones etc could potentially damage your eyes.

Here’s a few sites that go more in depth

So during my search I came across this brand Cyxus. I really loved this brand because a lot of the other glasses I saw on amazon, had a yellow tone to the lens, but these didn’t. I absolutely loved how cute and trendy the glasses were for kids, and adults as well. They also had a ton of info and are fda certified amongst other certifications!They also provide a worry free lifetime warranty!

Our package arrived in the mail and the boys were SO excited. I ordered green for Maddox and blue for Paxton. Their favorite colors πŸ™‚

The glasses case it comes in, is a cute blue car. In each package comes cute stickers, a blue light testing card, along with a little blue light. I feel like this keeps the kids engaged, and excited about wearing these cool glasses!

I really really urge parents, and EVERYONE to look into this more, and make the decision to protect your eyes πŸ™‚

You can use my coupon code for 20% off at

Buy Cyxus

Coupon code: mama20

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